Now that the holidays have arrived, we’ve got a long list of sweets we want to bake. Almonds and honey are the hero components. Almonds and honey go wonderfully together in anything from cookies to pudding.

It’s undeniable that honey lends a fantastic flavour to both sweets and savoury dishes, making them taste nothing short of flawless.

However, honey and almonds aren’t only used to enhance the flavour of baked goods and savoury foods. In addition, they have several positive effects on the skin. Cleopatra took a milk and honey bath for this very reason.

Then, let’s consider why almonds and honey should be a part of your daily beauty routine:


Evidence suggests eating honey can help diminish the appearance of age spots and fine lines. Having a high vitamin E content makes almonds useful. Honey and almonds are not only good for your immune system and skin, but they also help detox the body of free radicals.

The body is able to stall the ageing process in this way, so you stay appearing young and healthy for longer.

Excellent Exfoliator

Exfoliating with almond paste and honey is a regular practise among Indian ladies. Almonds’ vitamin E and honey’s anti-oxidants will give your skin a healthy sheen.

On top of that, the antibacterial qualities of honey aid in keeping acne and scars at bay. They both help improve your facial appearance by removing dirt and dead skin.

Honey and almonds, in contrast to chemical-based scrubs, do not cause skin irritation or block pores.

Perfect for Cleansing

Honey and almonds alone aren’t a particularly effective cleanser, but together they produce a fantastic cleanser that can even remove waterproof eye makeup. When used alone, honey is ineffective as a facial cleanser for the same reason that it is ineffective as a general cleanser. However, when mixed with almond oil, it becomes an efficient makeup remover that also dissolves dirt and grime.

Perfect For Bathing

This may sound strange, but Cleopatra actually had good reasons for using honey and milk in her baths. Honey is an excellent skin moisturiser. It helps you look and feel younger by keeping it taut and firm. Second, honey’s anti-inflammatory properties keep your skin from becoming flaky and prone to breakouts if you suffer from sensitive skin or eczema.

Those are just a few of the many reasons why almonds and honey are good for you. Your health and skin are our top priority here at Honeyman, and we think that a strict routine may help you attain flawless skin. Browse our newly stocked jars of honeyed almonds and purchase yours today!

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