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In 1980, in Doraha, a man from a modest background pursued his dream, creating a successful honey business. He earned the 'Leading Exporter' Award 13 times, exporting honey to 50+ countries. Making history, he orchestrated the inaugural 'Honey Train, ' transporting 200+ containers, totaling 4000 MT.

Founded by the 3rd Generation of the Kapoor Family—Yuvraj, Karanraj, and Ashleen —'HONEYMAN' is committed to delivering health and wellness through high-quality honey and bee-based products. With a strong background in beekeeping, they continue the family legacy. The brand prioritizes quality, sourcing honey from their own bee farms and trusted beekeepers, ensuring the highest purity in their products.

This man was the Late Sardar Jagjit Singh Kapoor, a small-town man who made a big fortune in the honey business, alongside him was his wife, Parvinder Kaur, his two sons Shahzada Kapoor and Raja Kapoor and his daughter Ritu Kapoor.

Beyond food and beverage, the Kapoor family introduced "Mellifera" to share the diverse benefits of bee products in beauty and personal care. The venture celebrates the wonders of bee gifts, offering products that fuse nature's beauty with the potency of beederived ingredients. From hydration and antiaging to antimicrobial properties and collagen stimulation, Mellifera's products provide a range of health and beauty benefits rooted in traditional medicine and cosmetics.

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Honeyman’s Awards & Recognition

  • International Expansion Startup award at World Startup Convention.
  • Ranked among the top 100 D2C Brands of the Year 2023.
  • COCA COLA Golden Spoon Award 2023 for Best Innovation in Merchandising.
  • Editorial spotlight in many renowned magazines like Progressive Grocer, Retailer, magazine etc.
  • Media Coverage in various platforms like on Aaj Tak, Zee News, Punjab Kesari etc​
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Our Parent Company’s Legacy

  • World record: Exported two honey trains in a day (within 24 hours) containing 4000 tons of honey.
  • Apimondia (International Federation Of Beekeepers’ Associations) Honored Us For The Best Honey In The World And Bee Products In Exhibitions Held In Ukraine, Turkey, Italy, And South Korea.
  • For 13 years APEDA has awarded us for being the country’s Biggest Honey Exporter.
  • Best organic honey award at BIOFACH-Germany 2013.
  • Coca-Cola Trophy for the Best Retail Concept in Mumbai.


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Social Causes:

Honeyman: Sweetening Lives, Nourishing Futures!
  • Substituting honey for sugar provides consumers with a healthier option.
  • Increased honey consumption raises beekeeper’s income, supporting sustainable beekeeping.
  • Flourishing beekeeping enhances pollination, leading to improved crop yields.
  • Incorporating bee products like honey, beeswax, royal jelly, propolis, pollen, and even bee venom for diverse health and beauty benefits like hydration, softening, anti-aging, and antimicrobial properties.
  • Amplifying bee product consumption, benefiting consumers and beekeepers.
  • Our Co-founder runs “WeAreHoneyman” channel to educate beekeepers on modern beekeeping techniques.
  • We provide a helpline for Beekeepers seeking guidance in beekeeping.
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